Monday, 24 October 2016

5 iconic logos that serves as great inspiration

Brands are evidently recognized by their logo and it is of great eminence. This is the segment of your promotional campaign that comes first for the scrutiny of the audiences. Creating a notion about the product or services you are offering is only judged by the single symbol or sign we can say. However, it might seem pretty easy to get a creative logo done for your brand but actually it is just the other way. Making a unique logo design requires professional expertise, creativity and knowledge of the latest updates that is creating roar in the specific sector for logo design. Looking for ideas and trending techniques is quite wise to get a perfect design to entice the viewers. The very famous brand identities serve as great inspirations for the designer and enhance their creative juice for better work results. Some of the iconic logo designs that are worth mentioning in this aspect are :

Everyone is familiar with this name Google of every age from kids to aged persons. Most of the people now are dependent on this search engine for all kinds of searches. The logo is a reflection of its prominent presence of it on all over internet. The logo was designed by Ruth Kedar who acquired master degree in design from Stanford University. From the time of inception Google has a simple and comprehensible logo design. It has a children schoolbook fonts and uncomplicated geometric forms to attract the audience in seconds. The multicolored effect provides the name a playful effect and an unconventional approach. Fit for all sizes and formats.

Yet another logo design famous internationally is made by a woman – Caroyln Davidson. The swoosh of the Nike image so popular yet so simple greatly associates with sports goods and accessories. It was designed in the year 1971, when Carolyn was a student.

The most appealing logo of FedEx is designed by Lindon Leader of Landor associates which is considered as one of the top 8 logos since 4 decades. It was created in 1994 and iconic designer won various recognitions and awards for his work. The intrinsic message enclosed in the brand image is one of the unique factors makes it a state of the art. We can see an arrow that implies go on, in between the alphabets 'E' and 'X'. It ensures fast and proper delivery of the stuffs too.


The logo of Apple is ahead of any introduction. The awe-inspiring design was created by Rob Janoff in the year 1976. He was the art director in Silicon valley and claimed popularity just after creation. Since then it continues to remain as the representative image of the huge brand Apple. Rob was also associated with the IBM and Intel, but no doubt this incredible Apple brought him unparalleled glory. The base behind the image is man and tempting as it was in the case of the first man Adam. The impression of bite is inspired by the same story of the forbidden apple. Truly justified is the Apple products as they are really tempting. 

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Apt logo design can reach your brand to a great high

Professional Logo Design
Logos can be of any shape and size created with a simple yet impactful concept. Just designing a brand identity with a creative typography like CNN affects peoples' mind positively and has a distinct. If we see the perfectness in the logos Apple or Nike they look so simple as these have no complex images and reflects the essence of the brand without any ambiguity. Apple's logo is extremely powerful as the brand name and the pictorial representation being synonymous. Apart from being simply the brand icon holds heft of centuries of meaning.
So, if you want to have a meaningful and apt logo for your brand that can represent your product or services well then here are 5 points that you have to consider before finalizing.
The idea of having an impactful logo design for your firm is not a way to give identity to your brand, it is the thing that creates awareness among the people about your products. Going for a customized and innovative logo is all about bringing your company image before the masses and make it identifiable by that image or text. It is an great idea to get your company emblem created according to the company values and essence. It should be apt and simple that can depict your professionalism to the people. You should also have your logo design imprinted on your visiting card as when you hand it to someone that will create the impact and lasting impress on the viewers mind. Often people are judgmental so you should have a distinctness to stand out of the crowd.
Professional logo designs are creative and you face no copyright issues with it. It is wise to go for a professional logo design company to have your logo done uniquely. The designer can make out what exactly you want to portray to your target audiences. They will guide you with your ideas and incorporate uniqueness to it so that it will be minimalist yet creative to show your brand in the best possible way. They can show you samples and enlighten you by different concepts that will help you to select the proper visual image for the company.
There are certain perceptions for creating professional logo designs. And an expert graphic designer can come up with a lot of ideas that can suit your company values and profile. You can find out some of the best logo design companies on the internet and if you want local services, then, you can also take references from friends and relatives. Though you can get information online, but asking your friend can give a testimonial of the firm that you are going to trust on for creating your brand identification. You always go for online offers that will provide quotations and you can give your requirements. After getting your points they will brief you with the concept that can help the thing to be more impactful. They will give you three to four designs for logo and you can select from them. They will incorporate your ideas into it meticulously to give you better output. They are highly skilled and have complete know-how about industry trends. Of course size, color and other small details will be suggested by you. It is a major part of your corporate image and primarily logo will only help to create the brand recognition.